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we provide superior cost-effective solution and quality industrial crane scales to various customers. Our product portfolio, such as standard crane scale (Cap. from 1t to 20t), portable crane scale (Cap. from 30kg to 1000kg), high-heat proof crane scale (Cap. from 1t to 15t), and wireless crane scale (Cap. from 0.5t to 30t)

1000-50000kg Wireless Scale

This wireless crane scale is a combination of the sound and proven mechanical design, with today’s most advanced electronics to provide a superb feature set. It is versatile, reliable, accurate and easy to operate.

 .  Superb Quality. Strictly in accordance with OIML R76, Chinese GB/T 11883-2002 national standards.
 .  Great Safety. Steel case, high firm hook and ring, dedicated weighing loadcell for safety installation.
 .  Strong Reliability. Cutting-edge technology, quality integrated circuit for high performance and long time stability.
 .  Broad Applicability. Popular and applicable in storage, textile, metallurgy industry, and so forth.
 .  Stable Communication. Use open ISM wireless channel. Optional radio frequency, 430MHz, 860Mhz, etc.
 .  Embedded Printer. Stylus dot-matrix EPSON M150-II embedded, for Chinese, English, numerals and various sign printing.
 .  Friendly Interface. Wide temperature range HTN segmental LCD display with white LED backlight, for night use.
 .  Easy Operation. Wireless communication between scale and indicator, easy to operate in distance. Quality keypad and beeper,
    for convenient operations.
 .  Complete Function. Division switch, unit switch, auto power-off, battery inspection, tare set, accumulate, delete, query, hold, peak view,
    date time view, list printing, etc.
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